Jade Design by Union Design

Jade brings new aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability to the mainstay task chair. The gentle, elegant forms of the Jade chair along with its minimal impact on the environment make Jade a refreshing option for any commercial or residential interior.

Available Winter 2022

The ergonomically designed task chair provides all day comfort without sacrificing beauty.

For effortless comfort, the weight-sensitive mechanism automatically adjusts to support the user's body. Plus, the height-adjustment and tilt lock controls are discreetly integrated into the front corners of the seat, eliminating the need for unsightly levers and knobs.

Sustainability speaking, Jade was designed to eliminate the use of new plastic. PET felt, made from recycled plastic, is used for both the back cover and seat bottom with the option to use it for the arm pads as well. With several colors to choose from, the soft feel of the PET felt elevates the design beyond what any plastic parts could accomplish, all while being highly durable and cleanable. To help reduce textile waste, Jade is upholstered in 3D shape knit which is available in a variety of colors to customize the chair even further. Other sustainability efforts include recyclable steel frame, recycled plastic casters and optional arm caps, FSC certified wood structure, and eco-friendly foam; all that can be easily disassembled for recycling.

3D Knit Upholstery Options

Jet black upholstery image
Jet Black

RAL 9005

Tele grey upholstery image
Tele Grey

RAL 7045

Quartz Grey upholstery image
Quartz Grey

RAL 7039

Pale Green upholstery image
Pale Green

RAL 6021

Sapphire Blue upholstery image
Sapphire Blue

RAL 5003

Light Blue upholstery image
Light Blue

RAL 5024

Oxide Red upholstery image
Oxide Red

RAL 3009

Red Orange upholstery image
Red Orange

RAL 2001

Ochre Yellow upholstery image
Ochre Yellow

RAL 1024

Frame Options

Jet Black frame image
Jet Black
White frame image
Silver frame image

Jade Design Features