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Our Story

Meet the Founders

Chris Smith & Scott Williamson

All good stories start with two friends from college. We first met back in 1984 at the University of Kentucky. Fast forward several years after working at large corporations, we realized we both had ambitions beyond the corporate world. Wanting to leave the bureaucracy behind, we decided to join forces and go into business together. Working side-by-side made logical sense since our opposite personalities perfectly balanced each other. When Chris has his head in the clouds thinking of his next wild idea, Scott’s levelheadedness brings him back to earth. And so, over a glass of our favorite bourbon, our great adventure with furniture began.

Some people might think you should go into business in an industry you know well. We think differently. We made a bold decision to venture into the contract furniture industry without an ounce of experience. But we knew we could bring something new and different to our company. So, we set our sights on building a business with a people first mindset and awesome service. Knowing the ins and outs of contract furniture soon followed suit and now we can pull up a chair and talk furniture with the best of them.

Chris Smith
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We Dare to Be Different

We’re a breath of fresh air. A refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot day. In other words, we’re not your average furniture manufacturer. We believe it takes bold thinking to move forward and make change. That’s how we got to where we are today. Makers of award-winning beautiful furniture, designed for comfort and longevity.

Our furniture will look good in a space, but we also want people to feel good about using it. Because our customers are always at the forefront of what we do. Providing a positive, down-to-earth experience from initial quote all the way to final installation is our goal. We want to inspire people and their spaces just as much as they inspire us. And even more so, to leave a legacy built on trust and purpose, all while crafting furniture to our definition of perfection.

People & Culture

Our people are the secret sauce to our success. From the upholstery and table production teams to the customer service team, they make us who we are. With hard work and talent, our employees share a collective passion to provide beautifully crafted furniture and make our customers happy. Built into our craft is a philosophy we all live by. Work hard, stay curious, and be humble. If we stay true to this, together as a team we can accomplish anything.


The furniture making magic happens in the heart of Louisville, KY in our 230,000 sq. ft. of factory and warehouse. With an eye on building furniture our customers will enjoy for years to come, our factory is where we perfect our craft. Textiles are cut, sewn, and turned into finished upholstered chairs with careful attention to detail. Plywood and laminate sheets are transformed into durable tabletops. During final assembly, each piece of furniture is quality inspected and packaged with care before being shipped to our customers for installation. And we ship quickly. Our large warehouse holds enough inventory to get most orders out the door within 48 hours to 2-3 weeks.

Social Impact
Community Focused

Businesses and communities grow together. And we planted our roots in an underutilized community as part of a revitalization effort. We’re passionate about connecting with our neighbors and having a meaningful and positive impact on the neighborhood and beyond. It starts within our own brick walls with a company garden to promote the health and wellbeing of our team which we hope will be shared with their families and neighbors. Beyond our company, we’re proud to partner and support local organizations like Love City and Boys and Girls Haven who share the same values of being a good neighbor and helping each other grow. Together we work to make Louisville a better place.

Love City

Love City’s mission is to love their neighbors. It’s a simple yet powerful way to lift up a community. Following their core values of love everyone, honor everyone, and build up everyone, they provide economic, healthcare, education, and affordable housing resources to their neighbors.

Boys & Girls Haven

Boys & Girls Haven provides foster care services to youth who have experienced abuse and neglect. They offer in-house and residential foster care, transitional living, independence readiness, and family counseling to help bring support and stability to youth and their families.