Avalon Design by Union Design

An added twist to your lounge area.

Available Winter 2022

The Avalon Chaise is a place to relax, contemplate, and immerse yourself in thoughts

The sculpted seating surfaces are designed to hold your head in an actively engaged position while your body is fully reclined making the chaise perfect for lounging. When paired with a pull up table you have the perfect environment to focus on laptop work or quietly brainstorm.

The soft upholstered forms of the seat and back are juxtaposed by the thin airy metal frame structure. The split forms of the seat and back are derived from the need to break down into as small a box as possible. This creates an interesting look of two bent planes of upholstery coming together in a floating connection, further emphasizing the feeling of lightness and floating.

The simple geometry of the piece pays homage to modernist chaise lounges while updating it for the constraints of today. The broad upholstered planes are a perfect showcase for unique upholstery or choose a technically knit covers for an extra level of intriguing detail.

3D Knit Upholstery Options

Jet black upholstery image
Jet Black

RAL 9005

Tele grey upholstery image
Tele Grey

RAL 7045

Quartz Grey upholstery image
Quartz Grey

RAL 7039

Pale Green upholstery image
Pale Green

RAL 6021

Sapphire Blue upholstery image
Sapphire Blue

RAL 5003

Light Blue upholstery image
Light Blue

RAL 5024

Oxide Red upholstery image
Oxide Red

RAL 3009

Red Orange upholstery image
Red Orange

RAL 2001

Ochre Yellow upholstery image
Ochre Yellow

RAL 1024

Laminate Options

Dark Chestnut laminate image
Dark Chestnut
European Beech laminate image
European Beech

Frame Options

Jet Black frame image
Jet Black

Avalon Design Features