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KFI Studios Launches Willow Table

KFI Studios starts the new year with the launch of the award-winning Willow table. Designed by Union Design, Willow is a mobile table perfectly aligned with today’s focus on flexible workspaces, encouraging people to move around and work anywhere. Its smart and innovative design has earned Willow accolades including a HiP and iF award.

Formed with bent plywood, the Willow laptop table is a classic C-shape design to accommodate working at sofas, chairs, and benches. The tabletop provides ample room to work on your laptop or tablet or simply use as a writing surface. For added comfort, the lower portion is purposely angled to provide an ergonomic footrest while you work. The distinctive wood wheels add a finishing touch while its rubber tire provides easy mobility across many floor types. Subtle details that add functionality include a discretely hidden groove underneath the top to help pull the table towards you and the self-braking design to prevent movement while working.

Willow is available in three high pressure laminate colors, ash and dark chestnut for a wood look or white for a more minimal style.

For more information, please contact us or your local rep.