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KFI Studios Launches Jade Work Chair

KFI Studios’ Jade work chair is now available to order. Designed by Union Design, the Jade work chair combines sustainable materials with ergonomics and soft aesthetics. With a design intention of creating a work chair that is better on the environment, Jade is the first work chair to use recycled PET felt components instead of large injection molded virgin plastic parts. The PET felt is made from 62.5 recycled plastic bottles and provides a softer look and tactile feel than traditional work chairs.

In addition to PET felt, Jade uses 3D knit to eliminate textile waste from the manufacturing process. While traditional cut and sew upholstery results in waste, 3D knit is an innovative process where yarn is used to create a textile directly shaped to the form of the chair in a no-waste process. The 3D knit is high-performance REPREVE® 100% recycled polyester, made from 24.4 plastic bottles.

Ergonomically, Jade brings comfort with a seat that automatically adjusts to the user’s body, using a weight-sensitive mechanism. This simplifies the number of knobs and levers needed, making it more intuitive for the user. Users can easily adjust height and tilt lock with levers that are discreetly integrated into the front corners of the seat. In addition, seat cushions are rounded down to alleviate pressure on the back of legs for an even more comfortable experience.

Jade is available for order in 20 color combinations, from bold to classic neutrals for incorporating into many interior styles.

For more information, please reach out to your local KFI Studios’ rep or visit kfistudios.com.