Alden Designed by Union Design

A side table that accommodates diverse work styles and spaces.

Alden is an exploration in visual lightness

The thin steel work surface and base slices through the vertical column giving this pull up table grace and simplicity. Further enhancing its simplicity, the table is finished in monochromatic, satin paint which adds softness to otherwise stark forms. With an integrated handle, Alden is easily moved for working on laptops in lounge chairs or carried anywhere you prefer to work.

Constructed of only steel and aluminum, the strength of these materials is leveraged so as little material is used as possible while maintaining a light aesthetic. The construction also allows the table to be easily disassembled for recycling and packed flat to further reduce its environmental impact.

Alden Design Features

  • Offset column for overhanging chairs and sofas
  • Designed for occasional use of small laptops and tablets
  • Handle integrated into design for quickly pulling up while seated
  • Durable steel construction
  • Clean, crisp, thin look
  • Monochromatic finish adds to visual simplicity
  • Satin finish creates a soft look and feel