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2022 Good Design Awards

Four KFI Studios products have won the 2022 Good Design Awards – Jade, Avalon, Willow, and Juna. It’s an honor to receive this recognition from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, a prestigious organization known for bringing awareness to all types of design including product design.

This year, the Museum received a record number of submissions and we are delighted Jade, Avalon, Willow, and Juna stood out for their innovative design. Designed by Union Design, these four products are designed for today’s work trends and beyond.

Jade Office Chair

Jade is an office chair that brings the softer aesthetic prevalent in residential interiors to the workplace. Its softer look is possible with the use of PET felt made from recycled plastic. PET felt is a more sustainable option than virgin plastic that most office and task chairs are made of. Jade also uses 3D knit, another sustainable material, to cut back on textile waste that is typical with traditional upholstery.

Avalon Chaise Lounge

The Avalon chaise combines the comfort of a lounge chair with the function of a workspace. It acknowledges that not everyone does their best work at a traditional desk. Avalon allows a user to sit in a lounge position while still remaining actively engaged to get work done. With the added accessories, you can create your own custom workspace. Add a swivel table to use your laptop or tablet; or add the partition to gain some privacy.

Willow Laptop Table

Willow is a mobile laptop table that is easy to pull and move to wherever you need to go. The undersurface finger groove helps pull it towards you while the angled bottom surface provides a footrest for more ergonomic sitting while you work.

Juna Outdoor Collection

With more people working outside, the Juna outdoor collection gives you a whole line of seating, table, and accessory choices. What’s unique about Juna is that it lets you bring the workplace outside with its single and double workstations along with partitions so you can create a private work area.  And of course, it includes all the standard options like dining tables, guest chairs, lounge chairs, and planters.

To order any of the Good Design winners, please reach out to your local rep.