Solid Wood Top Care

Each Solid Wood Top has Its Own Character

KFI's solid wood tops are warranted against defects for (12) years from the original purchase date. Subject to limitations and exclusions herein, KFI, at its discretion will replace or repair a defective product or component free of charge.

Warranty is limited to generally accepted care and maintenance of natural wood products and environments. Natural wood surfaces are subject to denting, scratching and gauging if not properly used and cared for. Warranty is subject to proper use and care...

This warranty is void if the product is not used for its intended purpose or if subjected to an unusual application or abuse. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Variation in the color/ or texture of a material is not considered a defect.

This warranty is valid to any purchaser of KFI furniture. In the event of a claim, the purchaser may be required to validate their purchase by furnishing a copy of the original invoice for the product in question.

The KFI Service Department may issue a return authorization for the investigation of the claim. The purchaser may then be required to return the product to KFI, freight prepaid. If the claim is proven valid, KFI will without further cost to purchaser repair, or replace, at KFI’s option, the appropriate defective part.

Knots, Indentations, Saw cuts and uneven surfaces may be visible. This is not a manufacturer defect and not covered under warranty. Solid wood surfaces are subject to denting and scratching if not properly cared for. Wood tops are made from several wood planks of the same wood species. Due to natural wood variations, tops will have many color and texture variations and differences shades of color. Natural wood may darken with exposure to sunlight and age. These are not considered defects and not covered under warranty

Use and Care of Solid Wood Tops

For wood tops, humidity levels should be consistently between 30% -50%. Fluctuations in humidity causes wood to expand and contract and may cause warpage and finish problems. If you experience movement, your product could be damaged due to excessive moisture/humidity. This is not covered under warranty.

Our top coat stands up to spills but they should be cleaned immediately. Avoid hot products on surface. Clean spills with mild soap and water using a damp cloth. Apply solution with spray bottle, wipe clean and dry with soft cloth. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaning materials. Do not use furniture polish containing oil, wax or silicone which can produce an oily film or haze.

Please contact your KFI representative or call 800-457-5073