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ThinkLab Study Insights from KFI Studios

We read, with interest, the 2020 US Design Industry Benchmark report from ThinkLab, which focused on Interior Designer statistics from late 2019 through 2020. The report provided detailed survey information from Interior Design professionals across the United States and asked them about products and processes for planning new spaces. One of the largest noted pain points that Interior Design professionals reported was cost and lead times for products.

Pain Point - Lead Times

Garnering 26% of the response, lead time was the top pain point reported by design professionals. KFI Studios offers more than 80 products as part of our quick ship program (48 hours to 2-3 weeks). These products have diverse applications for offices, hospitality, and education, among others. Graded in upholstery, as well as several table options make up the top end of this spectrum.

Reasons to Spec Manufacturer's Product

As expected, quality was at the top of design considerations (80% reported) with cost (65%) and lead time (17%) being of particular interest.

We are proud to offer commercial grade products with costs and pricing structures that leave designers and specifiers pleasantly surprised. Staying in or under budget while providing beautiful outcomes for clients is our specialty.

Keeping it Clean - Design Desire for Sustainability

ThinkLab's report was clear to note that much of the data was collected pre-Covid-19. While the main reasons to specify a product have remained consistent over time, the report references sustainability as rising in importance among top designers. KFI Studios offers more than 30 products that meet Intertek Indoor Air-Quality Gold.

Gold certification is Intertek's highest level of indoor air quality for commercial furniture and meets ANSI/BIFMA e3-2019e, Sections 7.6.1, 7.6.2, 7.6.3. This achievement is part of the continued efforts to make our products as healthy as possible for indoor use.

Find more insights from the Report and download it here.

Image of Mural at KFI Studios

Embodying an Ideal

Being a good one is an action, not just a state of being. It isn’t always easy, but it's important.

"Whatever You Are, Be a Good One." It's a famous ideal, attributed to US President and Kentucky native Abraham Lincoln, and it's the approach we take in all of our interactions as a company.

Our compulsion to be a "a good one" is so strong that we painted it on the side of our office and plant in the downtown neighborhood of Portland in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

We commissioned Louisville-based artistic duo "Often Seen, Rarely Spoken" to help us tell the world the story of our customer service, manufacturing, and internal culture and mentality.

Finding the opportunity to be a good one is one of the reasons we've been able to endear ourselves to so many specifiers and designers in the know. We strive daily to embody the "Good One" spirit for our customers, our associates and for our neighborhood.

Find some of the steps we're taking today to further our mission to be a good one – our Sustainability Brochure is a good place to start!

Image of Roqa upholstered chair with My Spot charging side table

Layering Greys

Greys have enjoyed a top spot among commercial and residential interior designers for the last several years and it's easy to see why. From healthcare spaces to hotel lobbies, a soft and relaxing shade of grey puts most at ease by creating areas that suggest calm. Different shades of grey can elicit a feeling of calm or go as far as to inspire bold creativity when used in furniture application. No, we don't carry 50 shades - in fact, we carry more. KFI Studios offers products that pair perfectly with a variety of textiles while supporting a stylishly unique environment. A few 2021 trends can be found
here. (All of which would pair nicely with grey!)

Image of Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey for Pantone 2021 Colors of the year

2021 Pantone Colors(s) of the Year...

Are OPTIMISTIC as heck, and we're here for it! This year has been one of ups and downs. Seeing the 2021 color of the year choice, "Illuminating", was just the bright spot we needed to see at the close of 2020 and at the start of the holiday season.

Breaking from tradition, the good folks at Pantone saw fit to include a secondary color of the year. "Ultimate Gray". Selected to evoke a feeling of stability, it is sure to be a sturdy building block for designers and makers of all types as we build upon the new things we learned about ourselves and each other this year.

While the two colors are at the opposite ends of the color spectrum, their complimentary volume and hue will make them a dynamic duo. Taken apart, "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Grey" will suggest warmth, stability and strength.

image of White Russian Pumpkin Spice

This Year, We're Thankful

While 2020 is unlikely to win any "Best Year Ever" awards, we did find some bright side items to reflect upon, celebrate, and be grateful for. For example:

  • Using work from home technology like Zoom and Go to Meeting to support our work and home life. No, it wasn't ideal, but we did it. And we did it together.
  • A new appreciation for home cooking! Trading recipes via Slack or by email, and sharing tips for perfecting our home made Sourdough recipe.
  • Some of us took on a new co-worker this year. From foster pets to quarantine babies - the work from home scene was a lively one for many.

As we prepare for the holiday season we're proposing a toast, starring this classic cocktail with a twist - The Pumpkin Spice White Russian. Brought to us by Delish, we love the color and flavor of this warming mix, and how it celebrates the fall season.

We're raising a toast to you and yours, and we're thankful for your support of KFI Studios. Be sure to reach out with any questions you might have about pricing or product, and let us know if your travels bring you near our home base in Louisville, KY. We can't promise you a Pumpkin Spice White Russian, but we can promise a cup of coffee and a tour of our plant.
Get the recipe here.

drone image

Changing Perspective

Isn't it amazing what a shift in perspective can do? How we solve problems, walk a mile in someone else's shoes.. all of it requires a new way of looking at things. Here are a few submissions to the 2020 Drone Photo Awards as shared by the ever-mind expanding Colossal Magazine.

The 2020 Drone Photography Awards garnered an arresting collection of aerial shots.
See some of the favorites here.

Have your own footage to share? Submit it here.

Architectural image of arches

Arch Angels

Designers are finding new ways to incorporate and highlight this graceful and timeless architectural element.

See what designers are saying in a recent article from Domino - How Long Will Our Arch Infatuation Last? Designers Predict What's Next
Read the full article here.

Sanford Biggers Quilt art image

Sanford Biggers is weaving new narratives into American history
At The Bronx Museum, the first survey of quilt-based works by New York-based artist Sanford Biggers

We're wild about textiles and the ways they can influence the look and feel of a piece of furniture. That's why we were fascinated by the journey textile artist Sanford Biggers takes when he pieces old quilts to weave together a story of African-American history and Buddhist spiritualism. One of our favorites, Wallpaper* Magazine, covers the incredible new gallery show for this American artist.
Read the full article here.

Kentucky Derby Julep and KFI Studios Julep image

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep & KFI Studios Julep
Both are Winners!

While the Kentucky Derby normally runs every year on the 1st Saturday in May, COVID-19 has all of us doing things a new way. No worries! We're adaptable! And we also carry a great little stacked poly chair called Julep – an homage to our hometown Louisville, Kentucky, where the fastest 2 minutes in sports is toasted with the iconic Mint Julep. Our Julep stacks 8 high, ships in 48 hours, and is bleach-solution cleanable, a winning combination for everyone!
Run for the Julep here!

Pantone Color Trends for Autumn 2020 image

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020/2021
Creatively conscious colour reflects optimistic sense of purpose

Published for the fashion industry by the Pantone Color Institute, Pantone’s trend forecasting and colour consultancy, the Fashion Colour Trend Report is your guide to the season’s most important colour trends. This report features the top 10 colours, as well as four classic neutrals, we can expect to see on the London runway as fashion designers introduce their new Autumn/Winter collections.
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KFI Studios Kool collection is bleach cleanable and ideal for social distancing spaces

The Kool Collection is an ideal post-pandemic choice
Easily rearranged and bleach cleanable

KFI Studios best selling Kool chair is available with tablet arms, creating a perfect social-distance area for training areas and classrooms. Bleach cleanable with a 10:1 solution and stackable 10 high, our CS2300 Kool chair is a game changer for creating individual work spaces.
Read the KFI Studios COVID-19 Product Specification Guidelines

KFI Studios now offers sets with our popular Midtown tables

New Sets from KFI Studios - Ship in Just 5 Days

KFI Studios now offers set pricing for our Ogee and Midtown desk, as well as the Midtown and Zoso. Choosing from one of the 5 laminates, you can create a work space oasis that ships in just 5 days!
View the Midtown and Ogee Set here.
See the details for the Midtown and Zoso Set.

The 2020 KFI Studios Gallery
is here!

New Products, new imagery and a new way to look at KFI Studios, this downloadable booklet is a GREAT resource for designers in the know! Need pricing and spec info on MUST HAVE studio furniture? Head OVER HERE to get the full story on all KFI Studios products.
Open the Gallery here.

Ambitions Desk by Umage, Denmark

KFI Studios, in their exclusive contract partnership with Dutch design team Umage of Copenhagen, is proud to present the brand-new Ambitions desk for spring/summer 2020.
Read the Press Release here.

Graded In Textiles Available from KFI Studios
Include Antimicrobial Options

KFI Studios is proud to offer high-grade antimicrobial patterns from industry leaders such as Mayer, Culp and Stinson. To find the full listing of soil, stain, and microbe resistant textiles we have to offer, head to our Resources page to find out more.

KFI Studios Two Week antimicrobial upholstery options

COVID-19 Statement
KFI Studios is fully operational with minimal day-to-day impact

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, we wanted to provide an update on our company's operation. On March 25, the State of Kentucky issued new guidelines that only "Life Sustaining Businesses" can remain open. As a manufacturer shipping to healthcare facilities, government and home offices, KFI Studios is excluded from the mandate and is fully operational.
Read our entire statement here.

KFI Studios offers a vast line of healthcare space solutions

Flexible Options for Healthcare Design

With quality and care at the forefront of our manufacturing and assembly, KFI Studios has many options for designers, architects and specifiers working on healthcare projects.
Download our free booklet today.

Our Roqa chair has a special place in our heart and it's easy to see why!

Totally downloadable and pictured here in 3 holiday-appropriate dressed to kill upholsteries, we know you'll feel the love when you find out what Roqa can do.
*Please note, upholsteries featured here are for entertainment purposes only.
Head to the Collection now

It's So Easy to Express Yourself

Express Yourself and phenolic top tables are indoor, outdoor and patio ready.
Find out more here

KFI Studios offers a vast line of education space solutions

Spaces that encourage all types of learning at all levels.

KFI Studios’ products are among the best value, high quality furniture available in the educational space category.
Download our free booklet today.

image of stopwatch

60-Second Habits for Quick Bursts of Personal Growth
By Scott Mautz

Anyone working in a business big or small can benefit from one universally powerful thing: personal growth. Entrepreneurs are some of the hungriest for it because there's so much to learn when you set out to start your own thing and often there's so little feedback given to you. Personal growth includes, and leads to, growth as a leader and business person because it means you're expanding your overall capacity for learning, adapting, and fostering change (all vital for business success).
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image of Imme seating and Proof tables by KFI Studios

Ideas Wanted

Create a melting pot for ideas and bring a new perspective to work. KFI Studios’ products are easily mixed and matched to create collaborative work spaces. Imme, pictured here in rich matte black is perfectly suited with our Proof conference table with black pestal. Top it off with Umage Copenhagen's Acorn lighting and voila – the perfect recipe for fresh ideas.

Design Conscious Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are becoming a bigger and bigger part of office and work space design. Whether a traditional shared space or a landing pad for co-workers, shared work areas may be here to stay. Wallpaper Magazine, has a great article on co-work spaces around the world.
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Pantone Color of the Year image

Announcing the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 - Classic Blue 19-4052
Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.

A timeless and enduring blue hue, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.

Imprinted in our psyches as a restful color, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. Aiding concentration and bringing laser like clarity, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue re-centers our thoughts. A reflective blue tone, Classic Blue fosters resilience.
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Creative thinking image

9 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Creativity
By: Lary Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey

Creativity is like a muscle.It must be stretched, challenged, and occasionally pushed past its comfort zone...

1. Learn Through Collaboration
Curiosity will lead you to creativity.
2. Do Something You Love
Stuck for ideas? Not sure what to do? Your life needs some balance to ensure your creativity doesn't suffer.
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Imme the dynamic new collection at KFI Studios

Meet Imme
the dynamic new seating option from KFI Studios!

Elegant and unique, the sleekly contoured shape of the shell is thoughtfully designed to keep you sitting comfortably. Imme is the perfect component for guest seating areas, collaborative work stations, hospitality, and educational spaces.

Quickly becoming a fan favorite, the Imme (pronounced "Emmie") is available in 7 fabulous colors and in 10 configurations such as sled-base, casters, task, and drafting.

Clean lines allow for a variety of design opportunities thanks to the uninterrupted style and form within the Imme family, while maintaining support and care for comfort.

Imme is a part of our 48-hour quick ship program, graded-in 2-week upholstery options, as well as COM.
Imme Coral seating

How Color and Interesting Furniture Design Improve Productivity
Our Imme swivel seat in coral is a perfect example

Murray Newland, contributor to Inc.com, recently provided insight into productive work spaces. Stay away from boring furniture if you want productive employees and add a punch of color to keep enthusiasm up. These are just a couple of his tips to boost productivity.

Read all of the tips here